Libre Fighting System

Libre isn’t about “dueling”; it is about “fighting”

Libre doesn’t try to pick an opponent apart; it is intended to rip them apart in the fastest and most violent ways at the practitioner’s disposal. That is where the term “Libre Fighting” comes from. It is, at its root, simply “fighting.”

Libre Fighting allows the practitioner a simple and direct path to cultivate a high degree of skill with the blade, without impeding ones creativity or freedom to explore alternate methods, while simultaneously providing the security and resources of a worldwide network of practitioners.


Libre doesn’t limit itself to “techniques.”

We study ways to use anything around to our advantage.

This includes using ones clothing, or the opponent’s clothing, to blind, choke, or distract the opponent. Using whatever is within reach as a projectile. Spitting, biting, pinching, hair pulling, and head butting. Smashing the opponent’s skull into a wall, curb, or table. Libre practitioners learn to improvise to prevail.


Libre is about attacking.

It’s not about countering or trying to move around an opponent’s defense — It is about tearing through the opponents defense.

Strategy in Libre involves reading an opponent’s stance, guard, and position and exploiting it. The practitioner also utilizes footwork, feints, and line-of-sight to break through the opponents defense.


Libre Fighting Systems

Libre is meant to grow. It is meant to complement whatever style of fighting the user carries. Libre should ultimately mold to the individual, the individual should not mold to Libre. Practitioners are encouraged to make Libre their own, to use what they have in conjunction with Libre.

Libre Fighting Indonesia Training Group
Jakarta - Tangerang - Jogjakarta - Bukit Tinggi - Jambi

Due to the controversial nature of our fighting system, we keep our class a low profile, because of this, we will not list the address here. For the exact class location please send us an e-mail.